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247Onlytech is a platform for Empowering Families to Create a Healthy Relationship with Food for Optimal Health and Well-Being From the day babies are born so is their relationship with food. It starts with breast or bottle feeding and it continues on as they eat solids and eventually go to school. It’s not just the type of foods they are fed, but how they are fed and responded to.

As a parent, dietitian, and author, I know that a healthy relationship with food is a non-negotiable part of a healthy life. But tending to this vital relationship is not easy in today’s world. That is why I tackle each developmental stage voraciously and share how to nurture a child’s relationship with food every step of the way. I do this as I’m experiencing it personally which brings passion and great detail to each book I work on.

We At 247Onlytech want you to have a healthy lifestyle that you can actually enjoy. Why? Because we LOVE food! And food shouldn’t hold you back. 247Onlytech wants to help you enjoy what you eat, create healthy habits, and live a deprivation-free life that leaves you feeling great!