Here are Some Simple Ways to Protect Yourself from Counterfeit Drugs in Nigeria

Below are 10 easy approaches you can guard yourself from counterfeit pills in nigeria.

1. labels, serial numbers and bar codes: scrutinize labels, packaging and contents. make sure the bundle or box the medication is available in has no longer been altered or the label modified and that the serial numbers and bar codes are at the bundle.

2. technology: cross a step further from scrutinizing labels in particular because many counterfeit pills are visually indistinguishable from real capsules and take benefit of era that lets in you to perceive counterfeit drugs. for example, the ones provided to the nigerian public by anti-counterfeiting specialist businesses like sproxil, ubqt and pharmasecure. text 38353!

3. recognize your medication: each time you purchase a drug, take a few seconds to familiarize yourself with the scale, color, flavor, texture, shape and even the facet consequences.

four. nafdac registration wide variety: find the country wide agency for food and drug management and manipulate (nafdac) registration wide variety however remember that it does no longer assure that the product is automatically proper.

5. get knowledgeable: analyze greater approximately nafdac’s cell authentication service (mas). with the scratch of a label and simply one textual content message, you can keep your life or the lives of humans you adore.

6. don’t make volatile assumptions: do now not count on that a fake or counterfeit drug will now not pose a critical health risk or motive extreme damage to you. take into account that faux capsules kill!

7. rate: understand that steeply-priced drugs do not routinely identical proper tablets.

8. word of mouth: warn buddy and own family of illegitimate drug sources. by means of speaking to buddies and sharing facts you have gathered, you may also study the resources they have observed safe, low cost and reliable.

9. mistakes at the guide or the guidance pamphlet: look for the manual or the coaching pamphlet for the medication and test to look if there are apparent spelling errors

10. consider your instincts: right old fashioned instinct is once in a while an excellent idea specifically while you are shopping for a drug at a charge that seems too good to be actual.

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